My counterargument was actually found within the same article I used in my source for my paper. My argument for my paper is that it is the job of colleges to help students integrate into colleges especially those who are disadvantaged or minority students. The reason for this is many of their environments they grew up in were not conducive to an efficient education or the support needed to successfully integrate into higher education. Within the article “The Future of Affirmative Action,” it mentions how many colleges relied on affirmative action to diversify their student bodies and bring in disadvantaged and minority students. My paper argues that strictly relying on this process is not enough. In order to make these students excel in the social and academic aspects of college they need further assistance and mentorship throughout their time and even at times before their college experience.

source: McCormick, Richard L. The Future of Affirmative Action: New Paths to Higher Education Diversity after Fisher v. University of Texas: 11-121. Print.


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